Go Big

Always go big. Never even think of going home. ======== Like what you’re reading? Check out “Patio Wisdom” in the Lulu Store and at Amazon.

Are You In The Club?

If you wonder if you are in the club,  you are not. Ever have that feeling that you’re just not “getting it?”  Boy, I do sometimes. I’d thought that when I became an adult I’d have access to “The Rules” and I’d never feel awkward again. The truth of course, is that age is no guarantee […]

Patio Wisdom Tuesday: Get Something Done

Don’t get mad at me for yelling at you: Go get something done. When you have a bad day at work, or anywhere for that matter, you have two choices to deal with it: get angry and stomp around, or get something done. I prefer the latter!  You can’t control other’s thoughts and words, let alone their […]

Corndogs Make A House A Home

A house is not a home without corndogs! We’ve moved a lot in our military career, and no matter where we’ve found ourselves we’ve made ourselves a home by bringing in familiar and homey things. The Patio King’s touchstone is corndogs (and whiskey, pork butt, and…) Tell us in the comment section what your comfort items […]

Bacon Wisdom?

  Be very careful what you say. It might be what she said. Comedian Jeff Allen tells many stories to illustrate the old husband’s maxim “Happy Wife, Happy Life” (aka “Allen’s Law).  Patio King’s Corollary to Allen’s Law refers to the good husband’s judgement about when to open his mouth and when to just let it go. […]

Being Here–And There, Too

No matter where I go, I always find myself there. The Patio King has always been a master at being “in the moment.” While I was rushing around from place to place, he always seemed to have the mindfulness to be present where he was, and with those around him. Good advice for all of […]