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Mickey brings his 30 years executive leadership experience to teach you the keys to High Performance Leadership!

Everyone can be a high performer: Let's get to work

Three decades experience leading diverse teams proved to me that nearly everyone can reach high levels of performance if they're inspired, given the tools, and well-led by caring leaders. In the military, we spend enormous energy developing leaders and an ethos of teamwork with a sense of mission. Military people would rather face bullets and bombs than let their comrades down or fail in the mission!

Now, it's my mission to pass on those lessons of leadership to others so everyone can reach their full potential. The real difference between high performance and mediocrity is leadership.

In my books, talks, and here on the blog you'll see how to lead authentically and accomplish your mission while building a team that works together. People need a purpose, not just a paycheck, and the Lead High Performance approach is the way to give your teams a purpose and cohesion to carry it out.

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Mickey is an experienced Air Force officer with time as a commanding officer. He speaks a message of leadership from the heart. He shows leaders can be both admired and respected in his programs. Fabulous!

Mary Kelly PHD CSP Commander, USN (ret), Motivational Leadership & Business Speaker for Medical, Real Estate, Finance | On CNBC, Money, WSJ, & Entrepreneur

Keynotes and Workshops

Leading Leaders: Inspiring, Empowering, and Motivating Teams

In the military we learn to lead from our core values and set the example. In this talk you learn how to achieve high performance through values based

  • Integrity - High performing leaders live and demand integrity as their foundation.
  • Respect - Everybody deserves to be treated with respect. High performing leaders create a culture of respect.
  • Teamwork - Like a canoe with everyone paddling together, high performing leaders look for and develop teams.
  • Leaders Lead - "When in command, command!" High performing leaders take change and move out.
  • Little Things Matter - Even senior executives can't avoid details--the key is choosing which details are important.
The Five Be's

In a world full of “no” and “don’t”, The Five Be’s is a positive vision of who to “Be.” Based on a lifetime of mentoring young adults, The Five Be’s is a roadmap to living a healthy, fulfilling, and successful life!

  • Be Proud Of Who You Are: Everyone has something to contribute — and so do you!
  • Be Free: Authentic freedom means having the ability to choose what’s good for you!
  • Be Virtuous: The virtues are the “guardrails” for success in life!
  • Be Balanced:  Keep your Mind, Body, and Spirit nourished to  keep your balance!
  • Be Courageous: Courage comes in many forms: physical and moral courage — find yours!
The Synchronized Leader.

Leaders are in the people business by learning the art of connecting with people, you can take your team to high performance. Find the "sweet spot" and move beyond "management" into High Performance Leadership!

  • Lead the People - The first task every leader must accomplish is the care and leadership for the team. Leaders are in the people business.
  • Serve the Institution - Every organization has needs leaders must serve: legal, ethical, policy, and financial.
  • Accomplish the Mission - Leaders put it all together to get the job done they're hired to accomplish: product, budget, schedule, and quality.
Leadership Lessons from Surfing.

This is a light program with a serious message! Using surfing as a metaphor for leading through change, you'll learn to "surf the wave" and take your team on an "epic ride" to success!

  • Paddle Out Often - You can’t learn to surf sitting on your couch watching surf videos, and you can’t lead people from behind your desk.
  • Keep Your Eye on the Waves - Leaders have to keep their heads up and eyes on the horizon to scan for potential trouble…and potential opportunity. 
  • Choose the Right Board for the Conditions - Like choosing the right board, choosing the right person can be the difference between and “epic ride” and a “wipeout.”
  • Don’t Fight the Current - Like the surfer who chases every wave instead of patiently watching and waiting for the right time, the over-engaged leader will be exhausted when it’s really important to be fresh. 
  • Have Fun - If you’re not having fun you’re probably doing it wrong.

Mickey's "5 Be's" presentation during our 2016 Intentional Leadership Conference was on point! The cadets thoroughly enjoyed his session--he was energetic, engaging, and relevant to the entire audience!

Kenneth Allison, Associate Director, Hollingsworth Leadership Excellence Program at Texas A&M University Corps of Cadets

As a speaker, Mickey is always compelling, relevant, and inspiring. He’s got a real talent for making complex subjects entertaining and interesting! 

Nick Desport, Deputy Executive Director / Director of Programs, Society of American Military Engineers

Mickey's pleased to have worked with these fine organizations!

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