Mickey AddisonMickey speaks on a variety of leadership and personal development topics. He’s an engaging and inspiring speaker available for speaking engagements and workshops.  Mickey will work with you to develop a program that suits your particular needs: personalized and relevant to your organization!

Contact Mickey via email at Mickey@LeadTheWayMedia.com, or fill out the form below to get started. You can also book direct at my Calendly page!  Prefer to call? You can schedule a call or call my office at 210.960.6087.!

Mickey is available for:

  • Keynotes/Presentations (up to 90 minutes)
  • Workshops & Corporate Training
  • Team building events

He lives in Hawaii, so for program requests outside of the Hawaiian Islands we ask for at least 30 days notice in order to make travel arrangements.

Here’s just a few examples of Mickey’s programs:

  • Leading Leaders

Based on his powerful leadership book, the “Leading Leaders” session is straightforward advice for leaders at all levels on how to be successful through cultivating and deepening relationships. Developed over an almost three decade military career and a lifetime of leading, Colonel Mickey Addison lays out the foundation for character-based leadership. Using foundational principles of Integrity, Respect, Teamwork, Leaders Lead, and Little Things Matter, and illustrated through personal stories and historical anecdotes, this session is entertaining and enlightening!

  • Being an Expert Follower

You can’t learn to lead until you learn how to follow. Followership is a critical skill for every leader–everyone has a boss–and for everyone who aspires to be a leader. Learning how to follow is just like leading, and the skills one develops as a good follower translate later into great leadership. Followership is more than merely doing what someone tells you do do. Good followership means placing yourself in your boss’ boss’  seat and working that agenda. Followership requires the skills of Vision, Team Building, and Integrity–keep those things in balance and you’ll be the boss in no time!

  • The Five Be’s

People can function in a world of “do’s and don’ts,” but what people really need is a vision of who we want them to be. With that vision people are empowered to reach for something rather than avoiding something. That’s where the “Five Be’s” comes in: it’s a positive vision for a person to “Aim High” so they can reach their goals and be “all they can be” in their work and their life. The “Five Be’s” describe how to “be” a healthy person: Be Proud of Who You Are, Be Free, Be Virtuous, Be Balanced, Be Courageous. The Five Be’s is the subject of an upcoming book from Mickey’s publishing company, Lead The Way Media.

  • “Speed Mentoring” facilitation

Mentoring can be a tremendous benefit to both mentors and mentees. Often a short meeting is sufficient for two people to decide whether there is a future mentor-mentee relationship in their future. Connections made at the Speed Mentoring session can last for years. This Speed Mentoring event is intended to “kickstart” relationships between potential mentors and mentees by providing people to meet in a relaxed, fun environment.

  • Mickey can also serve as a Moderator for panel discussions on:
    • leadership
    • personal growth
    • professional ethics
    • national security
    • engineering management

Fill out the form below to get started, or book direct at my Calendly page!  Prefer to call? You can schedule a call or call my office at 210.960.6087.

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