The Five Be’s

In a world full of “no” and “don’t”, The Five Be’s is a positive vision of who to “Be.” Based on a lifetime of mentoring young adults, The Five Be’s is a roadmap to living a healthy, fulfilling, and successful life!

  • Be Proud Of Who You Are: Everyone has something to contribute — and so do you!
  • Be Free: Authentic freedom means having the ability to choose what’s good for you!
  • Be Virtuous: The virtues are the “guardrails” for success in life!
  • Be Balanced:  Keep your Mind, Body, and Spirit nourished to  keep your balance!
  • Be Courageous: Courage comes in many forms: physical and moral courage — find yours!

The Five was a huge hit at a recent industry conference, and I’m proud to offer it for a limited time as a pocketbook. and an ebook. When the Second Edition rolls out in September, this edition will be retired! The Five Be’s  makes a great stocking stuffer for the young adult in your life–or anyone looking to make a fresh start.

The Five Be’s, Second Edition is HERE!!
Updated content, illustrations, and a new Forward–it’s a fabulous straightforward guide to life.
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