Episode #1610: Colonel Mickey Addison, USAF(ret), MSCE, PMP, is a leadership consultant and keynote speaker, blogger and author. One conversation can change your life! Listen to life changing stories from all over the world. In this episode, Engel and I talk about living life authentically and with purpose.

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In this episode, host Anthony Fasano talks with Colonel Mickey Addison, USAF (ret), MSCE, PMP about a project leadership model known as “Sync to Swim.” As an Air Force officer, Mickey has handled national portfolios totaling billions of dollars, and he is passionate about leadership. We will also talk about his books, Leading Leaders and The Five Be’s.

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Best Life Ever Podcast with Kimi and Pua: The 5 Be’s, Best Life Ever positivity, Yoda, and more!



SAME Real TiME JETC Interview Series: Talking about leading change and surfing!


The Civil Engineering Podcast: Fellow engineer Christian Knutson and I had a fabulous discussion about leading change in a dynamic environment, and I used a surfing as metaphor for the discussion. Hang ten!

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KAFA-FM Character Matters! with Bob Vasquez

Four-part series with KAFA-FM’s Character Matters! with Bob Vasquez.


In 2013, I was pleased to be featured in a 4-part series on a radio show called Character Matters! with Bob Vasquez the US Air Force Academy’s KAFA-FM radio. CMSgt (ret) Bob Vasquez was a fabulous host, and we had a great conversation about leadership. You can subscribe to his feed on SoundCloud here.

We talked about my Leading Leaders philosophy: Integrity, Respect, Teamwork, Leaders Lead, and Little Things Matter. Back then, my Leading Leaders book was still in draft and the working title was “Foundational Leadership,” but the concepts were the same as what appeared in the final copy. They’re short and thoughtful conversations on leadership. Enjoy!

Part 1 – Integrity. The cornerstone of any leadership philosophy is Integrity. Listen as we talk about what integrity means for leaders and why it’s indispensable for any high performance leader.


Part 2 – Respect. Respect is both inherent to any human being and earned through our behavior. High performing leaders understand the need to earn respect and demand the team respect each other.

Part 3 – Leaders Lead. The subject of this session was using authority properly, as well as delegating effectively.

Part 4 – Teamwork & Little Things Matter.  Really terrific discussion to wrap up the series on the art of teamwork and how high performing leaders decide which little things matter and which do not.

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  1. Mickey, I just listened to the podcast of you and Engel Jones. You are amazing! Your recollections of our family brought tears, but so grateful for those memories we share. How proud your mom would have been and I know she is there with you for every endeavor you undertake . We are blessed to have you as part of our family! Your work will inspire anyone who either listens to your presentations or subscribes to your newsletter as you have a powerful message for everyone. I know your books will be successful as they have something we all can learn from and take to heart!

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