First Review of “Leading Leaders”!

Paperback Cover - FrontI was very privileged that USAFA Endowment President, author, and USAF General (retired) Steve Lorenz reviewed my book Leading Leaders!  His review is below, and I’ll post more as the publication date gets closer.  You can buy his book on Amazon at the link below.

Thank you Sir!

 Colonel Mickey Addison is a leaders’ leader.  I have personally watched him lead and he practices what he writes about in his excellent book, “Leading Leaders”.  His book is easy to read and contains leadership pearls of wisdom that the reader can use to become a truly effective leader. The way the book is written and organized makes his principles easy to follow and will enable the reader who aspires to become a great leader, achieve that goal!

 -General Stephen R. Lorenz (USAF, Ret.) author of Lorenz on Leadership


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