The 5 Best Christmas Gifts for Your Co-Workers

Navigating the holiday season(s) can be daunting for the boss.  Be too generous and you can make your team feel compelled to reciprocate; be too stingy and they’ll think you’re a Grinch.  With that in mind, here’s five suggestions for the “gift challenged” this Christmas/Holiday season for the boss to his/her team.

Photo by Caitlin Loiko

1.  Take Them Out to a Nice Lunch/Dinner.

Let your team pick the place they want to go and pick up the check.  Be sure to include something special like a glass of wine or dessert.  You don’t have to go into debt, but fast food should be  “right out.”

2.  Gift Cards.

Some might see a gift card as a cop out, but if you choose gift cards from stores your employees actually like you can show that you’re attentive to what’s important to them. Starbucks for the coffee snob and Home Depot for the handyman are nice, even personal gifts.

3. Homemade Baked Goods.

Every home chef knows how much love goes into what they put on a plate, so there are few better gifts than something yummy from home.  Spend a little on something nice to put the treats into like a holiday tin or a nice glass jar.

4. Open House.

If you enjoy a good party, then an “open house” at the boss’ house is a fun way to show your appreciation to your employees.  An 11 am to 2 pm window for people to drop by, eat a little, have a glass of wine and visit, and then depart is a low pressure way to share seasons greetings with the team.

5.  Write A Personal Note.

It’s always nice to get a personal note from the boss, no matter how small the organization.  Include appropriate holiday greetings for the person receiving, and some specifics on good things they’ve done over the course of the year.  It can be as simple as a Christmas card, or as big as a note accompanying the Christmas Bonus.

Merry Christmas to all!

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