Help Me Choose a Cover Design for The 5 Be’s!

Would You Like to Be a Part of My Next Book?

I’m very excited to tell you that my next book, The 5 Be’s (For Starting Out) is nearing completion! As I go through final editing and get ready to publish, it’s time to choose a cover design. The three designs I’m considering are below!

The 5 Be’s (For Starting Out) is a positive vision of who we can be if we’re healthy and free. In a world of “don’ts”, The 5 Be’s is a guide for a person who wants to achieve without losing their soul.

Would you please vote for your favorite cover design in the combox below?  All comments welcome!!

Logo Cover
“Logo” design
Landscape Photo
“Landscape” design
Author Photo
“Author” design

3 thoughts on “Help Me Choose a Cover Design for The 5 Be’s!

  1. I realized I never responded and wanted to let you both know I appreciated your responses and engagement. I ended up selecting the “Logo” cover based on some email feedback I received, but your votes *were* counted! Thanks again for your support and encouragement!

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