Finding Value, Part 2: Professional Responsibilities

In the first part, I discussed the necessity for leaders to help their teams find value in participation in professional and social organizations related to the business. For Air Force officers, that used to be the Officers Club, but I discovered my younger officers didn’t necessarily sign up to that particular tradition. Like the office coffee […]

Finding Value, Part 1

It was axiomatic as a brand new lieutenant I was expected to join the Officer’s Club. I read about the expectation in my Air Force Officer’s Guide, and senior officers repeatedly reinforced  that expectation. It was part of my professional obligation to support the Club, and I accepted this at face value. In fact, other a couple of […]

Pure Inspiration: “Look Up”

As much as I enjoy technology, and use it frequently, I also believe that sometimes the technology gets in the way of our interpersonal relationships.  The vid below is a nicely done reminder to “Look Up” from our technology and see the people around us. [youtube]   Also reminded me of this little scene […]