#TBT Early to Rise

I’ve been privileged to attend both Air Command & Staff College and the Eisenhower School where I heard dozens of very successful leaders from every walk of life speak to us: business executives, military leaders, politicians, and athletes. There were several common themes in all of their talks, and one of the most obvious to […]

Being a Heart Guy

“There is a great cost when you neglect the human connection point in business.” –  Susan Steinbrecher, CEO, Steinbrecher And Associates, Inc. I’m a firm believer in the human element in business and in life. After all, the reason we build things, make products, and provide services is for other people. Without “heart”, then we don’t […]

Learning from Starbucks About Mission

One of my core tenets is leaders must give teams a sense of mission: In my book Leading Leaders, I recount the story of a friend of mine who took over leadership of a volunteer re-sale shop. “She and her leadership team began by listening to the volunteers and addressed their personal concerns about the […]

Leadership Lessons from UConn Coach Kevin Ollie

There’s a lot of leadership lessons to be learned from sports. It’s football season again, and as teams get tuned up for the regular season, it’s worth reflecting on the success of the champions in drains just concluded. While it may not be necessary to win an NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship like the University of […]

Knowing When Not To Speak

A very wise colonel once gave me advice about knowing when to talk and when to keep quiet. He said, Never pass up the opportunity to keep your mouth shut. It’s good advice that’s harder to follow than you might think! Leaders are generally talkers. We talk because we need to communicate our ideas, to […]

I Really Don’t Like Meetings

I know, I know, sometimes meetings are necessary, but in my experience very little actual work gets done in most meetings. Yes, of course, senior leaders still need to be informed, so the “status/update brief” is a necessary component of running most large organizations. Yes, sometimes we need to have a meeting to set the […]

Leading Leaders Published!

I’m proud to announce the publication of my third book, Leading Leaders!  It’s available through the Lulu Marketplace in paperback and ebook…workbook will follow soon! Buy the paperback here, only $14.95!   The ebook is here, only $9.99.