A Man, a Ledge, and a Plan

In an effort to have a little fun this week, I thought I’d share a humorous little story from my childhood (you saw my #MondayMotivation Chalk Talk post on Tues, right?). This story is printed in a fun little book I did with my brother in 2015 called “Patio Wisdom,” which is full of humor […]

Introduction to Patio Wisdom

Last year, I edited and co-wrote a book with my brother–the Patio King. He has a great sense of humor and I thought a book with his humor, awesome photos, and a few stories of my own would speak to people. Let’s just say the response has been underwhelming. The content is just too good […]

Corndogs Make A House A Home

A house is not a home without corndogs! We’ve moved a lot in our military career, and no matter where we’ve found ourselves we’ve made ourselves a home by bringing in familiar and homey things. The Patio King’s touchstone is corndogs (and whiskey, pork butt, and…) Tell us in the comment section what your comfort items […]

Proud to Announce Patio Wisdom!

My brother and I just finished a collaboration project that was heaps of fun to do. I think you’ll like it! Come and see what the fuss is all about! Patio Wisdom is a jaunt through the wisdom of an uncommon man! Inside are the musings of a life lived at full speed, where wisdom […]