Patio Wisdom Tuesday: Black and Chrome Rocks

Bike at SunsetYou can never go wrong with black and chrome.

This one always makes me smile! The Patio King inherited my Dad’s love for all things “motor,” and he’s good at it! I can work on machines, and do it when I have to do it, but PK really loves getting his hands greasy. In his life he’s had a lot of jobs working on cars and bikes, and it’s not uncommon to find a bike in various stages of assembly in his back yard, his garage, his kitchen…

Really, though, it’s the love of the open road and the thrill of being astride a powerful machine that I think thrills him. Too bad Jack Kerouac has moved on to the Great Route 66 Diner in the Sky–I think he and the Patio King would’ve gotten along famously!

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