“Ask General Leadership”


We’re starting a new feature over at GeneralLeadership.com called Ask General Leadership and I’m honored to be one of the first contributors! Here’s the first question:

“I will be joining a team that is already formed and will be their Director. It is a team of 15 that is operating off site at a large client’s place of business. Where I have a question is that from everything I’m seeing, the client is difficult to please, and the staff that I’m taking over is less than professional. The VP that I interviewed with noted that they need a strong leader to shape up the current staff or to remake the staff. That would take a very strong personality. He also stated that the person they are looking for needs to be a little submissive when dealing with the client. I think I have the qualities to be that type of a chameleon, but it seems like a very difficult task. What reading and/or advice would you recommend for me so that I can make my first 90 days a resounding success, and thereby keeping the momentum into the future?”

Want to know what me and the rest of the General Leadership team answered? Check it out here.

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