Friday Link Around – All (Well, Mostly) Business

Durango-Silverton Line 1976This week’s Friday Link Around is all about the business of, well, business.

To begin, are performance reviews value added? Red Balloon founded Naomi Simpson doesn’t think so–she sees them as at best incomplete and at worst a source of office bullying. What do you think?

You probably already know I hate meetings, but if you have to go to one, here’s some meeting etiquette tips every professional should know.

Over at Inc. Magazine, Travis Bradberry (author of Emotional Intelligence 2.0) has six things you don’t owe your boss.

Of course, once you get your team built, you have to retain those team members. Some of your employees are leaving, and not for the reasons you might think.

Think networking is valuable? Greg McKeown, writing for Harvard Business Review, doesn’t think so. His opinion is 99% of networking is a waste of time. If that’s true, I’ve wasted a lot of time!

Finally, because no one can be all business…a little levity via Armstrong and Getty. Who doesn’t love happy piggy noises?

Mickey's Rules for Leaders eBook CoverMickey believes everyone can reach high levels of performance if inspired and led. During his 28 year US Air Force career Mickey commanded thousands of Airmen, managed portfolios worth billions of dollars, and worked with military, civil, and industry officials around the world. He is a Distinguished Graduate from the Eisenhower School at National Defense University in Washington DC.

Mickey is the author of seven books, including Leading Leaders: Inspiring, Empowering, and Motivating Teams and The 5 Be’s For Starting Out. He’s a frequent contributor to industry publications and writes for his own Leading LeadersPersonal Development Magazine, and

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