Friday Link Around – ANZAC Day, Australia, and Allies

20160425_130711This week I had the great priviledge to be in Canberra, Australia on ANZAC Day. If you’re not familiar, ANZAC Day is a national holiday in Australia and New Zealand and observed throughout the British Commonwealth. It originally commemorated the Australia New Zealand Army Corps landings and subsequent battles at Gallipoli, Turkey during the First World War, but has grown over the last hundred years to be a commemoration of the Australian and New Zealand veterans of all wars. For Americans, it’s like a combination of Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day.

Just like in the rest of the British Commonwealth, people wear a red poppy on their lapel to remind them of Flanders Field–a solemn poem about the rows and rows of graves at Flanders after a terrible battle like the poppies covering the field. For ANZAC Day, the Aussies add a sprig of rosemary to remind them of Gallipoli.

I was impressed by the way all Australians fully participated in the commemorations, especially the crowds who attended early morning ceremonies all over Australia and abroad. After the solemn ceremonies, of course, came the celebrations at homes, parks, and pubs.

Finally, whenever I work with the Aussies I’m reminded what a great friend we have in them. They are earnest allies, and have been valuable partners with us in peace and war since the First World War. This week’s link around is dedicated to them!

The Battle of Gallipoli

The battle history of the Australia New Zealand Army Corps

The Australia War Memorial and museum in Canberra is not to be missed

American and Australian Airmen turn the tide in the Papua New Guinea campaign during WW II

Australians who’ve won the Australian Victoria Cross

Prince Harry and the Australians

Australians in Iraq and Afghanistan

Things to see and do in Canberra

A listing of US treaty allies (notice where most of them are–hint: it’s not Europe)


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