Leading Leaders Review: Christian Knutson of The Engineer Leader

Paperback Cover - Front“To build something that lasts, you must start with a solid foundation.”  This well-known adage forms a foundation itself for Leading Leaders.  Drawing on his experiences leading people and organizations over a twenty-plus year career as an Air Force officer, Mickey weaves in stories that lend depth and context to the five bricks that comprise his leadership foundation.  This foundation works.  Sharing a similar background as Mickey, and some of the same senior leaders, I’ve seen these leadership fundamentals in action around the globe.  And I’ve seen what happens when they’re absent.  Both aspiring and well-seasoned leaders will put this book down better prepared, or re-grounded, in what it takes to lead successfully.

– Christian Knutson, P.E., PMP, Lt Colonel, USAF, author of “The Engineer Leader” weblogKnutson3-300x225


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