Goal Setting Resources


High Performance Change in Your Personal Life

Charting Your Course for High Performance Change Personal Development Worksheet
“My Goals” – A printable sheet you can put on your desk (full page)
“My Goals” – A printable sheet you can put on your desk (half page)
Leading Leaders: The Workbook free ebook download. You can purchase hard copies at Lulu.com.










Creating and Leading Professional Change:

This worksheet is good for analyzing the business environment and planning / leading change for your company. It contains an analysis of the environment, a sample POAM, and a few brief questions geared to helping you focus on the mission of your company.
Plan of Action and Milestones – a graphic display for achieving BIG goals


Helpful Mobile Apps

You might be like me: I depend on my phone as an organizer and digital assistant. Below is a list of apps I find very helpful in being productive and staying on track to achieving high performance! (in alphabetical order). I’m and Android user, so the links are to the Google Play store, but all these are also available on iTunes (except for Google Play).


American Airlines – Fairly standard app, with a couple of great features like bag tracking and AA recently added the Upgrade Waitlist. It also pushes your boarding pass and flight info to your smartwatch.

RADARNow! – Shows local weather RADAR. Excellent for double checking that forecast!

United Airlines – I think this is the best airline app out there. Seat selection in app (instead of referring you to the mobile site), streaming video on the plane, Upgrade and Standby Waitlist as soon as you check in.

Health and Fitness:

Calorie Counter – The app from FatSecret.com — great resource when you need to track calories and nutrition info. Most fast food restaurants in the database

Travel WOD – When you’re stuck using the hotel “gym”, this app comes in handy! An exhaustive list of body-weight workouts, timer, and whiteboard. I really like the “Random WOD” function!

MapMyFitness – My favorite fitness tracking app. Syncs with your smartwatch and a half-dozen other devices, live tracking, route search, nutrition tracking, voice coaching, and challenges where you can win actual prizes (plus tracking your own personal records).


Evernote – Not a free app, but worth the subscription. Set reminders, clip from the web, syncs across all your devices and your desktop. Save business cards–that’s worth the subscription fee right there!

Google Drive (Docs, Sheets) / QuickOffice – Take your documents everywhere! How many times have you wanted a document but it was at home? Now you can pull it up from the cloud! Automatically syncs all devices

Google Play Music (Podcasts) – OK, not quite as good as iTunes, but pretty darn good. I use my commute to listen to podcasts and get (I hope!) a little smarter.

Feedly – This is now the “standard” feed reader. If you have a set of websites you go to on a regular basis, you can subscribe to them through their RSS feed (Really Simple Syndication) right from the app by typing in the web address.

Shush! – Ever miss a call because you forgot to turn your ringer back on? No more! Once you have Shush! installed whenever you silence your phone it asks you for how long, then turns your phone back on when you told it to!

Saving Money & Time


Fandango – awesome way to pre-purchase your tickets, check movie times, etc. Bypass the line and go right to your seat.

Gas Buddy – The “Waze” of gas apps. Find the cheapest gas!

Google Maps – Turn by turn voice directions, Street View, traffic alerts, and the biggest database on the planet. If there’s another map app, I don’t know it!

Key Ring – Keeps all your loyalty cards, gift cards, and even frequent flyer cards in one place!

Open Table – Make your reservations right from your phone

Seasonal Harvest – Excellent app to take with you to the grocer. Tell it where you are and it tells you what’s in season and fresh!




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