What Can Jessica Alba Teach About Organizational Culture?

Actress Jessica Alba is known for her work in television and films, but if her new company Honest is successful, she’ll be known for her business acumen as well. In this HLN video we get a very brief intro to Honest, but it’s enough for me to see the kind of organizational culture employees value. Honest makes “safe, eco-friendly, beautiful, convenient, and affordable” home and personal care products, and the founders are very involved in the day to day operation of the company.

Notice how Alba creates and maintains her company culture: personal leadership, creating a sense of shared mission, and connecting employees to another. As the leader, she makes an effort to learn her employees’ names, she takes an interest in her employees’ welfare, and she shares her passion for the mission of the company with new employees as the company grows.

Take a look at the vid and tell me what you think!

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