Proud to Announce Patio Wisdom!


My brother and I just finished a collaboration project that was heaps of fun to do. I think you’ll like it!

Come and see what the fuss is all about! Patio Wisdom is a jaunt through the wisdom of an uncommon man! Inside are the musings of a life lived at full speed, where wisdom comes from the School of Hard Knocks. It’s wisdom born of adventure and hardship, joy and pain, victory and defeat…and everything in between. Illustrated with the author’s own photos, and narrated with quips and memories, Patio Wisdom will leaving you in tears and stitches!

Want to know what is holding it all together when it looks like it’s nothing?  How to escape from a 30 foot ledge? What your first words should be after having a heart attack?

Patio Wisdom is the first release from Lead The Way Media, available at the Lulu Store!

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