Top 5 Posts from Leading Leaders for 2015

Thanks to you, my readers, for making this past year the best yet! Not every post was popular, and I’m always pleasantly surprised when a post “catches on” when I didn’t expect it. Below are the top 5 posts, by hits, from the dozens I produced this year, the ones that resonated. Is your favorite here? If not, what subjects would you like me to cover in 2016?

The Top 5:


Dad’s “Sage” Advice for Freshman Success at College – 2015 Edition

My annual advice for new college students! With my youngest heading off to college last fall, this post was particularly meaningful to me.


mcgillicuddyAloha ‘Oe Major General McGillicuddy

I said aloha ‘oe (farewell) to several colleagues this past year as they transitioned from their military careers to civilian life. Maj Gen Paul McGillicuddy has become a friend and a mentor–glad to remain connected!


Waimanalo ValleyMalama i Ka Pono

As a writer who loves words, the nuance in Hawaiian words and phrases inspires me. One of the words I really like is malama (“to take care”). The title of this post is malama i ka pono which roughly translates as “to take care of each other righteously,” or as Bill and Ted might have said, “Be excellent to each other.”




wingman3Be A Good Wingman

Good followership is as essential as good leadership in the success of the team. If the leader is the only one thinking, the team will be mired in mediocrity. Good followership is an important part of the Leaders Lead principle.


castle-conondrumLeading Through Tragedy – Part 1

Tragedy is a part of the human experience: we can’t escape it and as leaders we get one chance to get that right. Whether that tragedy is the loss of a co-worker to an untimely death, a teammate with a life threatening disease, or the loss of an employee’s family member, leaders have to be ready to step up and guide their teams through the trauma of those events.

What was your favorite post this year?

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