Patio Wisdom Tuesday: Thank You Thieves and Buyers

Two years ago, I lost everything of monetary value, either stolen or sold. I’ve never been happier in my life than I am today.  Thank you to all the thieves and buyers.

When you are down on your luck, it’s easy to blame others. It takes a big man–and a hearty helping of God’s grace–to see adversity as a blessing. So it was the Patio King posted this comment on his Facebook page, after bad luck and maybe even some less-than-good decisions took a bite into the stuff he possessed.

Instead of seeing a lack of “stuff” as a handicap, the Patio King found it an opportunity to be free. That kind of thinking is often in short supply, especially for those who have much. It reminded me of the story of the rich young man in St Luke’s Gospel. In the Gospel story, Jesus asked a rich young man to give up his riches to follow Him, but the young man walked away sad because that was hard for him to do.  If we can give up everything and still find happiness, then I think we’re living a good life. It means we value our relationships and the ordinary pleasures of life much more than we value the “things” surrounding us.

That’s Patio Wisdom in a nutshell.

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