Fun! Links! Friday! It’s the Friday Link Around!

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Durango-Silverton Line 1976Hey everyone! I’m starting a new Friday feature: Friday Link Around!  No one feels like doing “work” on Friday, certainly not here in Hawaii. In fact, we look forward to the weekend so much here in the Islands, we have our own name for Friday: “Aloha Friday.”

So in the spirit of a not-so-serious end to the week for a fairly serious blog, each Friday I’ll share a few links for you to start your weekend with a smile (and maybe learn a thing or two before you’re through–Hey, Hey, Hey!)

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Spring forward…8 Things You May Not Know About Daylight Savings Time. And why Hawaii and Arizona don’t play.

The funniest version of the story of St Patrick you’ll ever see. (“Maywin Socket!”)

Shakespeare does March. (video)

Build your NCAA Basketball Tourney bracket! Or let the computer do it for you!

The most epic mustache ever.


Leadership Lessons from UConn Coach Kevin Ollie

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There’s a lot of leadership lessons to be learned from sports.

It’s football season again, and as teams get tuned up for the regular season, it’s worth reflecting on the success of the champions in drains just concluded. While it may not be necessary to win an NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship like the University of Connecticut Huskies in order to learn those lessons, that championship ring certainly lends credence to the idea Coach Kevin Ollie has something going on as a leader. So what does it take to produce a championship team?

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It a word: work.

Teamwork and just plain hard work is the recipe for success on the court and it’s also the recipe for success in life. No one can hope to be an effective leader without expecting to do some hard work, and no team can be successful unless the leader sets expectations then leads by example. There aren’t any shortcuts to excellence; to quote the Dread Pirate Roberts: “anyone who says differently is selling something.” Here’s what Coach Ollie said in his post-championship interview about not taking the easy road (via

“We’re going to take the stairs, escalators are for cowards.”

I love that quote, because there’s a lot of wisdom in just a few simple words. What I think Coach Ollie means is there’s virtue in taking the harder way. The harder way builds character, inspires confidence, and forges teams. It’s part of the reason the military and sports teams have basic training and two-a-day practices.

The full interview is in the Hartford Courant, you’ll want to read the whole thing.

Coach Ollie achieved great success by taking his team to the top after only two years on the job by leading from the front and expecting hard work from his players. But I think his greatest achievement is the life long lessons in leadership he taught those young men. It’s the lesson that true achievement isn’t fame or trophies; true achievement is working hard as a team and making every drop of sweat count. And there aren’t any shortcuts.