Fun! Links! Friday! It’s the Friday Link Around!

Durango-Silverton Line 1976Hey everyone! I’m starting a new Friday feature: Friday Link Around!  No one feels like doing “work” on Friday, certainly not here in Hawaii. In fact, we look forward to the weekend so much here in the Islands, we have our own name for Friday: “Aloha Friday.”

So in the spirit of a not-so-serious end to the week for a fairly serious blog, each Friday I’ll share a few links for you to start your weekend with a smile (and maybe learn a thing or two before you’re through–Hey, Hey, Hey!)

Key dates to remember in March

How is the date for Easter determined?

Spring forward…8 Things You May Not Know About Daylight Savings Time. And why Hawaii and Arizona don’t play.

The funniest version of the story of St Patrick you’ll ever see. (“Maywin Socket!”)

Shakespeare does March. (video)

Build your NCAA Basketball Tourney bracket! Or let the computer do it for you!

The most epic mustache ever.


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