Malama i Ka Pono

The Hawaiian language is very beautiful, and it’s been a great pleasure to live here where I hear it spoken often. As a writer who loves words, the nuance in Hawaiian words and phrases inspires me. Words like aloha or ‘ohana have meanings much deeper than “hello/farewell” (aloha) and “family” (‘ohana), they also have contextual […]

Pearl Harbor Day 73rd Anniversary

We’re privileged to live near hallowed ground: the battleground where 2,000 Americans lost their lives on December 7, 1941 during the attack on the military bases on Oahu. It’s humbling to live and work in a place where the history is never locked away in a book or museum, but part of our everyday lives. […]

What’s Your Passion?

I saw this art club at Makapu’u Lookout this morning during my usual Saturday morning bike ride.  Cycling is one of my passions, and for these artists, painting was theirs. I think having a balanced life is important for well being, especially for a leader.  For a leader to be able to relate to others, […]