First Two Books Still Available

The first two books by Mickey Addison are now available online in the Lulu Marketplace, for the Barnes & Noble Nook e-reader, and on iTunes here and here.

 For God and Country: Saturday Morning Notes for a Monday Morning World is a collection of short articles and essays covering contemporary topics for American Catholics. This book comes from a personal experience of the Catholic Faith with simple explanations of the basics of the faith. Commandments to Sacraments, precepts to politics, this book is a useful resource for Catholics seeking to live out their faith in the world, without being swallowed by it.


Saturday Morning Catechism, a companion to For God and Country, is a collection of short articles for the parish catechist, or just for someone seeking a little information about what Catholics believe. Easy to digest explanations in plain language, this book is a terrific resource for study groups, RCIA, Bible Study, or even the casual reader.

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