Throwback Thursday: Leading People With Positivity

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  A positive leader is a real strength to an organization. In fact, learning how to deal with adversity and leading people through it is one of the most important skills leaders must develop. Some people are so successful that when they eventually fail at something, that failure becomes an existential crisis for them. Organizations are […]

Friday Link Around – Speed Mentoring Edition

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Career development and mentoring are the themes for this week’s Friday Link Around. I was excited to once again facilitate the Society of American Military Engineers Young Member mentoring session at this year’s Joint Engineering Training Conference (JETC 2016). It was a fantastic session using live polling and hands-on activities with over 150 engineers, architects, […]

Friday Link Around – Graduation

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It’s graduation time! Graduation pictures are appearing on my Facebook feed: smiling grads and proud parents. In honor graduation day for so many, this week’s Link Around is all about the grad. Top 10 Commencement Speeches Time Mag: Graduation gift ideas George Saunders has excellent advice: be kind Inspirational quotes for graduates Buzzfeed: 31 Grad Party […]

Friday Link Around – ANZAC Day, Australia, and Allies

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This week I had the great priviledge to be in Canberra, Australia on ANZAC Day. If you’re not familiar, ANZAC Day is a national holiday in Australia and New Zealand and observed throughout the British Commonwealth. It originally commemorated the Australia New Zealand Army Corps landings and subsequent battles at Gallipoli, Turkey during the First […]

From the Blogs: What the Team Needs

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I spotted this great article from People Development Mag on leading teams and wanted to share!  I like their model:   and it closely resembles my own:     Says Ms Shafer: When initiative, productivity, creativity and execution are lacking, the costs to the team can be very real. The tangible results can be a lackluster […]

The Army Has Heart

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Over at Small Wars Journal, there’s an article about the Head-Hands-Heart Leadership Model that fits hand-in-glove with my own “Leading Leaders” philosophy. It’s a thoughtful and well written article about the basics of leadership: know yourself, know your people, know where you’re going. Leading people is a “whole person” kind of endeavor: we have to […]

Intuit’s Scott Cook Understands the Basic Requirement of Leadership

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Too often leaders focus all their energy on process. There’s only so much gas in the tank, and there’s usually tremendous pressure to perform. The nuts and bolts of the business can consume leaders’ time to the detriment of taking care of the people who are actually doing the work. Effective leaders are able to […]