#TBT Mickey’s Rule #11: Check Your Moral Azimuth

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az·i·muth [az-uh-muhth] noun 1. Astronomy, Navigation . the arc of the horizon measured clockwise from the south point, in astronomy, or from the north point, in navigation, to the point where a vertical circle through a given heavenly body intersects the horizon. 2. Surveying, Gunnery. the angle of horizontal deviation, measured clockwise, of a bearing […]

Rule #8: ”Be Curious; Ask ‘Why?’ A Lot. Keep Asking Until You Understand”

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Successful leaders are curious about their business and the people who work for/with them.  This sort of curiosity is an imperative for a leader because he/she has to both accomplish the task at hand and the “care/feeding” of the team.  To put it more succinctly, the leader needs to know what’s going on. There’s a […]